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Singing Siamangs

Singing Siamangs


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Siamangs Howling UHD 4K FYV

Siamang Gibbons (Symphalangus syndactylus) howling at Riverbanks Zoo FrontYardVideo UHD 4K FYV.

Siamang Gibbons howling at Miami Metrozoo

The Siamang is a tailless, arboreal, black furred gibbon native to the forests of Malaysia, Thailand, and Sumatra. The largest of the lesser apes, the Siamang can ...

Stunning Siamang Vocal Performance

The Siamangs at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo put on an impressive vocal performance. A performance that makes you wonder if they practice it 'behind ...

Siamangs @ Dubbo Western Plains Zoo

The show the Siamangs are putting on is to assert their territory.

W1 - Singing Siamangs

These siamangs treat spectators to their morning vocalizations. Their necks puff out like bullfrogs.

Mornings with the Siamangs

Breakfast, climbing & singing with the siamang gibbon family at the ABQ BioPark Zoo. Do you see the baby? http://www.abqbiopark.com/zoo.


See (AND HEAR) the siamangs in Safari World walk-through park.

Zingende Siamangs!

Deze week ga ik op bezoek bij de siamangs. Deze apensoort kan hele harde geluiden maken! Ben je benieuwd naar het geluid van de siamangs? Kijk én ...

Siamangs up in a tree in 1080P HD - by John D. Villarreal


Singing Siamangs!!

I got this footage while doing primate observations for Athropology research. It's a little shaky because I'm standing on a platform. Enjoy!



Singing siamangs

Sam and Ebony`s song.

Singing siamangs


Siamangs Swinging and Calling

Siamangs Swinging and Calling.

Orangutans & Siamangs

Our orangutans and siamangs share an exhibit together. Learn all about their silly antics. http://kids.sandiegozoo.org.

Jeanne en de veel te harde zang van de siamangs!

Vandaag sta ik uiteindelijk met een hoofdtelefoon op bij de siamangs. Deze apen zingen zó hard! En dat terwijl ik samen met Annemarie het verblijf ...

Le chant des siamangs

Le chant en choeurr de Otto et Pygmy, couple de gibbons siamang Bioparc de Doué la Fontaine, 28/04/2015.

Siamangs singen

Wie im tiefsten Dschnungel hört sich dieser Gesang an. Einzigartig.

Siamangs & Gibbon at Oakland Zoo

Siamangs & Gibbon howling at Oakland Zoo on Sept. 29, 2008.

Siamangs Gesang - Affentheater in Bad Pyrmont / Crazy Business

Bad Pyrmont hat einen kleinen aber feinen Tierpark. Merkwürdige Laute dringen an unser Ohr. Die Verursacher befinden sich hoch in den Bäumen und können ...

Siamang singing

Some Siamang apes singing to mark their territory.

Siamangs Spooky Howling Slow Speed UHD 4K FYV

Siamang Gibbons (Symphalangus syndactylus) Slow Motion/Speed scary howling at Riverbanks Zoo. FrontYardVideo UHD 4K FYV.

Le chant des siamangs de La Flèche

Le chant des siamangs du Zoo de La Flèche le 12 02 2018. Quelle puissance vocale !

Siamangs in Auckland Zoo

Loud Siamangs at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand.

Siamangs calling

Siamangs calling at Cotswold wildlife park.

Siamangs Dubbo Zoo


'Singing' siamangs

Two siamangs “sing” to each other in a video provided by the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Siamangs will be part of a new exhibit, called The Islands, that ...

Recording behaviour of Siamangs


Siamangs vocalizing

Siamangs vocalizing at the Jacksonville Zoo.

Siamangs and gibbons at Zoo Miami

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


L.A. Zoo 10/19/08.

Happy Siamangs

These 2 Siamang apes at L.A. Zoo swing around the enclosure hand-to-hand while \

Siamang Gibbons howling and playing

These critically endangered Siamang gibbons are very active at the Cheyenne Mountain zoo. Howling, swinging, spinning and interacting with zoo guests that ...

On the Wild Side: Siamangs

Take a trip on the Wild Side to visit the baby Siamangs at the Louisville Zoo.

Siamangs Making a Bunch of Noise


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